Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Short trip in NYC.
On my short trip in NYC I managed to squeeze in lots of cool sights and sees. We had some very heavy snow on the 1st day, it was so beautiful. So cold too my hair actually froze. On the 2nd day I had penciled in a trip down to Hell's flea market for a rumage of Vintage finds but because of the snow it was canceled, gutted. I decided to go over to the Annex Antique market Chelsea, were I met this lovely lady who had the most amazing collection of Vintage. I just could not resist buying one of her beautiful dresses, a 1960's hand embroided silk cocktail dress at a steep snip of $125.
On my final day I work down to Greenwich village and had look around some Vintage shops and sightseeing. No wonder Carrie Bradshaw's pad in Sex and the City is based in Greenwich it's such a lovely little piece of Manhatten filled with plenty of chilled out cafes bars and quirky shops.

Scrolling through Central Park in the snow.

Claude Monet

Van Gogh,

Odilon Redon, Pandora

Gustav Klimt, Mada Primavesi 1912

The art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Some of my favorite paintings.

After my morning at the Met it started snowing and I decided to have a walk through central Park. Here I am in my Paisley green Fox Fur coat freezing by the lake of the boathouse.

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