Monday, 14 September 2009

Interview: The Secret Boudoir

The Secret Boudoir

An exclusive interview with the lovely ladies at The Secret Boudoir, two sister Aisha & Hina Ansari. At just 18 and 19 years old they have just opened their own boutique in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Manchester.

You will probably recognise Aisha from our shop modelling for Streaking Scarlett Vintage.

How did the idea of the Secret Boudoir come about?

We decided to open The Secret Boudoir mainly because there weren’t any shops that were spacious or clutter free. We found that most shops had too many clothes, which made shopping tedious. Another reason was simply because I’ve always wanted to work in fashion and Hina has always loved wanted to work in a cafe so the concept was perfect.

And the name?

I was looking at some artwork by K-HAUS and discovered one of my favorite pictures of two beautiful women lying upright on a red bed with red quilted wardrobes in the background. The piece was called the secret boudoir and I took inspiration from this for the boutique since the shop is quite hidden away.

What can we expect to find at the Secret Boudoir?

Everything from sequinned party frocks and satin ball gowns to mini tartan skirts and plaid shirts to cosy cardigans and slashed tees. We even stock a wide range of hand made jewellery and faux fur coats and recently a small collection of customised ‘grunge revival’. With all our prices ranging from £1-£25!

What’s your favourite thing about the Secret Boudoir?

It’s probably the hidden cafĂ© at the back of our shop. We have a little cosy area with board games, magazines and DVDs that customers can watch whilst they sip tea and nipple on delicious cupcakes.

Aisha, Hina you both have such great style describe what influences you?

Aisha: I don’t really know how to answer this question. It’s an awkward one with no proper answer since my style varies from day to day. I enjoy making my own clothes and currently I am wearing acid wash bleached shorts and sheer black lace crop tops with plenty of silver jewellery. But next week I might be in a girly frock with huge heels since I am vertically challenged.

Hina: I wear what I think looks good and what I feel comfortable in. I wear shorts a lot. I don’t know what I like until I see it. I found a black Casio watch, which I love!

Favourite trends at the moment?

Aisha: I love anything that is trashed and slashed!

Hina: I have loads of different clothes so to describe them in trends would take a long time.

What’s your Favourite Era?

Aisha: My favourite era is probably the 80’s for fashion. 1920’s & 1930’s to discover the economic crash and the 1960’s for the lifestyle.

Hina: This era because it has a mix of all the past era’s.

Favourite hangout spot in Manchester?

Aisha: I don’t have a specific place to hang out. I tend to vary where I relax and have a drink. At the moment I only have time for a quick bite to eat and drink so Common is seemingly perfect as it’s just across the road.

Hina: Anywhere cosy with people juice and anywhere I’m able to smoke.

Listening to right now?

We both love listening to Florence and the Machine. I listen to the album once a day it keeps us happy. Quite sickly when loyal customers realise they’ve heard ‘dog days’ at least 12 times simple because of shopping in the boutique. Apologies in advance.

All the details

Find The Secret Boudoir at Market Square, 83 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1BE



Razzi said...

Where is this place! My friends and I looked for ages but we just couldn't find it! It is indeed VERY secret!! haha xx

StreakingScarlettVintage said...

Do you know where Blu bar is on Thomas St, next to Blu bar there is some large fancy metal gates walk through the gates and it is just across the court yard. They usually have a sign outside Blu bar directing to the shop.
Lauren. xx


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