Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Magic mystery

At last! The winter seems to be finally fading away, flowers a popping up everywhere and the sun is FINALLY peeking out! This improvement in the weather has certainly lifted my mood! Hopefully it sticks around when I get back to uni and I can avoid some of the annoying stresses that it causes! I can't wait to be able to just sit back and enjoy the outdoors, in my usual flowery dresses of course.
And along with the sun, festival season has returned! Hurrah! I love festivals and have gone every year since I was 17. Last year I went to the most chilled out festival ever - Greenman I recommend it to anyone! It was amazing -

This year however I'm not being so chilled and I'm heading to both Download and Leeds, I've been to both in the past, I'm hoping Leeds will be much better than the first time I was there!
To help get the rest of the world in the spirit here are some of my favourite outdoor party photographs... I'd love to turn up to a party like these!

Apologies as I do not know the name of the photographer, this is one of many photos that I have found on blogs and not taken down the name.

This photograph has been taken by Paul Octavious, part of his series entitled "Same hill, different day". He visited the hill for two years and documented what he saw. I think this is a magical photo and makes me want to go and fly a kite with a bunch of friends.

Again, I must apologise because I don't know the name of this photographer, but I love the idea of walking into a forest and following a trail of lamps to find a lovely party!

Marianna Fierro is a seventeen year old who takes some amazing photographs! Oh so whimsical! Check out her website for more of her lovely photos!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the sun!

OH! and a big congrats to Lauren for finishing her dress, it's a amazing! She should be well proud!

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