Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Interview With Bohemian Musings

I came across Isabelle's blog a few weeks ago Bohemian Musing and have been reading it ever since it's so addictive. I decided to catch up with the lovely lady behind Bohemian Musing and find out what the inspiration is behind the blog.


Firstly tell us a little bit about yourself….
Name: Isabelle Küster Age: 21 years From: Hamburg, Germany

What got you into blogging? 
Bascially I just got so much inspiration from other people's blogs and felt like contributing myself.


How long have you been writing your blog? 
For about 3 years now.

Tell us a little about the name Bohemian musings?
I am just really fascinated with the idea if the bohème, that era of arts and free spirit. My major at university is literature and theatre, I tend to gravitate towards all things artistic and offbeat so the first part came kind of naturally. I added musings because I started the blog for myself, like some kind of scrapbook where I could muse about all things inspiring and whimsical.

What are your daily blog reads? 
I especially love fashionsquad, chic heroin and befrassy. 

Do you have a favourite outfit? 
I guess I'm a sucker for everything floral, sheer and flowy. combined with a pair of granny boots and braided hair and two hands full of rings, voilà: I'm dressed.


Where do you shop for clothes? 
Lately mostly urban outfitters and the swedes like monki and weekday.

Do you own anything vintage?
Loads! some of my favourite shoes are (granny boots and 70s leather boots), an amazing floral dress that I suppose was a dress before, bags, jewelry.. the list goes on and on.

Who are your fashion muses? 
Sienna miller, Jane Birkin and random people that are naturally beautiful, animals too, especially the deer. I think it's just something about the vibe I get from someone or something, let it be an amazing photograph or daisies. One secret: I am getting two daisies tattooed onto my ribcage this year. 

If you could go back to any era in time what era would you chose and why?
The 60s as in the andy warhol era, such a vibrant time.
I think nowadays it's hard to do something that is completely new and fresh.
On the one hand we're lucky to be free to do anything we want without having to provoke others all of the time, then again it would be great to live in times full of innovation.

 Thank you, Isa!


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